Shared Vision and Review

Reporting from UNFCCC – SB 34, June 2011 on Shared Vision and Review Parties met in mostly closed LCA informal meetings to discuss amongst others the Shared Vision and the […]

Bonn Cartoon by CEN

Cartoon by Clean Energy Nepal

Agenda to discuss on agenda at Bonn Climate Talk

Cancun set an excellent example how the outstanding leadership of a host country could effectively shape the discourse. With the Cancun Agreement as an output on the table, many issues […]

Impacts of Climate Change

Health Climate change is likely to have wide ranging and mostly adverse effects on human health with significant loss of life. (WGII SPM). Overview Global climate change poses substantial risks […]

What is Climate Change

The Earth’s climate is a complex system, derived from a combination of natural and human induced properties. Climate change results from an interplay of radiation from the sun, the circulation […]

Climate Change and Natural Disasters

  The impacts of Global Climate Change include sea-level rise affecting coastal areas and island states, greater intensity of cyclones and probably enhanced precipitation in monsoon areas. These have their […]

Climate, Environment and Population

  There is an unchallenged contention that there is a causal and direct link between increased population and climate change. Population is linked to climate change only through the intermediate […]

Climate and Poverty

  The objective of the research is to establish the linkages between poverty and climate change. For both the government and the NGOs in South Asia, poverty alleviation is the […]

Main Scientific Issues

Extended discussions on different aspects of the scientific issues concluded that so far, almost all major scientific initiatives, research and data output had been from the developed countries, even when […]

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