Eco-Village Development in South Asia as Community Based Adaptation Practices

Addressing climate change and eradicating poverty are the most gruesome challenges of human development. Challenges emerge in the form of rising impacts of climate change and heightening consumption oriented of […]

Sustainable Lifestyles in Germany and India

The role sustainable lifestyles can play in achieving a paradigm shift towards sustainability is acknowledged in both the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement of 2015. They are essential […]

Defying Climate Change – Putting Children and Women First

Defying Climate Change, a new report by Climate Action Network South Asia & UNICEF India introduces innovative and successful community based adaptation projects being led by NGO’s in India that […]

Workshop Report on Eco-Village Development (EVD) Concept: Low Carbon Approach to Climate Solution and Rural Development

Center for Rural Technology, Nepal (CRT/N) has been piloting implementation of Eco Village Development (EVD) concept to develop eco-villages in three villages of Kavrepalanchwok district namely Sikrigyang-9 village, Chalal VDC, […]

Eco Village Development as Climate Solution Proposals from South Asia

This publication highlights local solutions that improve livelihoods in villages and resilience to climate change, while also reducing environmental degradation and greenhouse gas emissions. It was produced by INFORSE, the […]

EVD Policy Brief

More than half of the South Asian population of 1.7 billion people live in rural areas and many of the poverty problems of the region are in the villages. Sustainable […]

Global Narratives of Climate Change

A large body of research shows that people accept the challenge of climate change and become motivated to take action once they have understood it through the lens of their […]

Communicating Climate Change in India

A new model of communications research A large body of research shows that people need to understand climate change as a narrative*, containing their own language and shaped by their […]

Climate Change Knows No Borders

Migration has always taken place in South Asia, for long before climate change became an issue. Several push factors and pull factors drive migration in the region. However, it remained […]

Climate Change Policy? For a Better Understanding of India’s and Germany’s Approaches and Positions

It is, without doubt, difficult to compare India and Germany as the cultural and socio-economic differences are striking. With this paper, Germanwatch and CANSA seek to introduce some of the […]

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