Dr Ngamindra Dahal

Dr Ngamindra Dahal is serving as Board Member of the CANSA for the years 2021-2023. He is charing the governing Board of Nepal Water Conservation Foundation for Academic Research (nwcf.org.np) , and, serving as the Senior Research Fellow at Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies (SIAS, sias-southasia.org). Dr Dahal is the co-founder of Climate Change Network of Nepal (CCNN, 2003) as the common platform of agencies engaged in Nepal and the Himalayas for launching climate change awareness campaign and on climate change impacts.

In the capacity of climate change policy planner and senior executives, he brings valuable experiences by serving various institutions inlcuding SIAS as the Executive Director, National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC), Ministry of Environment of Nepal, ICIMOD, UNDP, ADB and World Bank. He has contributed to build knowledge systems of the Himalaya, South Asia and Nepal specific issues from the perspectives of climate, climate change, disaster risk management and climate friendly technologies including the biochar. He has authored, edited and published scores of research papers, books, and book chapters, policy briefs, technical reports, media articles and conference proceedings. More recently he actively pursuing policy research on climate resilient agriculture and water management issues in the backdrop of climate change and urbanisations in South Asia. He can be accessed at: ngamindra@gmail.com.