Initiating Gender Mainstreaming in Climate Change Processes in Sri Lanka

By SLYCAN Trust Women, who constitute the majority of the world’s poor, are subject to greater vulnerabilities and risks in the face of climate change impacts, mainly due to gender-based inequalities existing in society. Women are disproportionately affected by climate change due to traditional societal roles, lack of access and control over resources, social status […]

Thoughts from COP22: A Youth Perspective

By Priya Chawla It’s a pretty existential question to ask sitting in this pavilion today, after having come all the way from India to Marrakech in Morocco (emitting much CO2) to attend this year’s Conference of the Parties (COP) as civil society observers- What is my role here!? I am a first timer! It’s a […]

COP 22: Get in line or get out

By Chandra Bhushan  I have been in Marrakesh for over two days now to attend the UN climate conference (COP 22), and have heard nothing other than the word “Trump”. The discussions at Bab Ighli—the venue of the conference—are all about the Trump presidency and the chances of American withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. A […]

Scaling up of Local Solutions and Strategies Delivering Adaptation to Climate Change

By Santosh Patnaik Based on geographic location, socio-economic composition and resource endowments, climate change has profound impact on rural areas of developing countries in South Asia. In order to pursue stated temperature goal, cope with climate change as well as stay true to the development imperatives, countries in South Asia must choose low carbon pathways. […]

Climate Resilient Agriculture Practices: Nayagarh and Balangir

The fact that the weather risk has ruined rainfall agriculture. The uncertainty in weather conditions has put at risk the crop output, production and yield which contributes to the growing distress among the rain fed farmers in general and the marginal, small and resource poor farmers in particular resulting distress migration. Therefore, there is a […]

The Role of Befriending Corporates in Climate Change Solutions

By Senashia Ekanayake Climate change decision-making can be manoeuvred by policymakers no doubt, however, in a world where everything and all disciplines becomes linked to one another, it is not only important, but also imperative that all stakeholders are brought in to and made a part of this decision-making process. Simultaneously though, it is important […]