Communication Officer

Divyanshi Yadav’s prime focus is working on the CANSA’s website and handling social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. She is responsible for gathering and highlighting climate change stories, disseminating members’ efforts across the network, structuring messaging for CANSA members, and creating CANSA’s quarterly newsletter. She supports CANSA’s external media engagement on climate change as a member of the CAN Communication working group.

Email Id: Divyanshi@cansouthasia.net


National Coordinator CANSA Pakistan

Kashif Salik is an agricultural economist with more than 20 years of experience in research and project management. He works with a diverse range of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, including the National Assembly’s standing committee on climate change. At present, Mr Salik is also pursuing his PhD in human migration and well-being outcomes at the University of Southampton, UK. He has a special interest in human and social development with a focus on climate change, agriculture, ecosystems, migration, water, energy, and the environment. 

Program Coordinator

Nakul is a clean energy enthusiast, working with CANSA on various programs related to capacity building, policy analysis, and advocacy. He provides evidence-based analyses to promote fair, inclusive, and just energy transition in South Asia. His areas of expertise, combined with keen interest, are the promotion of renewable energy and clean energy policy, access to transition and infrastructure finance, and ensuring energy justice in the Global South. 

Email Id: Nakul@cansouthasia.net


Communications Coordinator

Purnima Joshi handles CANSA’s social media strategy and website content. Her responsibilities include oversight of editing, design, and publication of reports, and includes supporting writing and distribution of international, regional, and national press releases and articles to mainstream media.

Email Id: Purnima@cansouthasia.net

Program Coordinator

As Program Coordinator, Rushati Das leads the Loss and Damage program in six countries of South Asia that have demonstrated a correlation between climate change and human mobility. She has facilitated multi-country research, coordinated with member organisations, built technical capacity, and spread awareness among diverse stakeholders. She has expertise in adaptation and gender mainstreaming in Climate Change programs.

Email Id: Rushati@cansouthasia.net


Program Manager

Ruchi Chaudhary has a successful track record of implementing innovative and gender-transformative programs in global organisations, and has handled multiple grant projects from bilateral and multilateral donors and private institutions under their CSR initiatives. Her expertise is in the areas of grants management, child protection and safeguarding, gender equality and social inclusion, girls’ education, and Children Under 6. 

Email Id: Ruchi@cansouthasia.net


Sanjay Vashist has been actively working towards mobilising civil society action on climate policies in countries of South Asia and the region. Under his leadership, CAN South Asia’s membership base has increased from 20 to 200+ NGOs, spread across countries of the South Asian region. The network has successfully consolidated the climate actions of NGOs in the region and has built bridges with the governments as partners.

Email Id: Sanjay@cansouthasia.net

Program Coordinator

Santosh Patnaik has been at the forefront of working with community-led initiatives, first in natural resource management and later in the nexus of bioenergy and community-based adaptation. His interest areas include resilience planning at a local level, participatory research, and knowledge-driven policy advocacy. He is also proficient in the dissemination of research findings, awareness-raising, and capacity-building activities. 

Email Id: Santosh@cansouthasia.net

Senior Advisor, Communications & Advocacy

Shailendra Yashwant is a photographer, journalist, and activist based in India. He has been investigating, documenting, reporting, and campaigning on environmental issues across Asia for over three decades now. He was Campaigns Director with Greenpeace in India and Southeast Asia (1998-2013) and has partnered with leading international NGOs to develop campaigns and communications strategies on climate change. 

Email Id: Shailendra@cansouthasia.net

Head of Finance

Tinu Sood, member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, has immense experience across industries and has advised on various issues involving corporate taxation, and accounting matters. In his current capacity, Tinu Sood is responsible for maintaining the balance sheets, and seamless management of the annual audit process, wherein the organization’s financial records undergo meticulous scrutiny. He is instrumental in safeguarding CANSA’s financial transparency and integrity.

Email Id: Tinu@cansouthasia.net