Transformational Project Pipeline for NDC Implementation at Subnational Level in India
Transformational Project Pipelines for NDC Implementation with States in India
Climate-Proofing Training Module For
South & East Sikkim

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Six Districts (Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu) Implementing Nationally Determined Contribution ( NDC)  for achieving  Climate Proof Development

Article 11 & 12 of Paris Agreement identifies capacity-building and the importance of climate change education & training for informed decision making . Therefore this project supports capacity building at state and district level in India by climate proofing the district development plans with focus on three states and by enhancing their readiness  and capacity to  access right climate finance avenues.

Through research and advocacy the project aims to build momentum for local action and ambition while narrowing down the key sectors vulnerable to climate change and prepare a tailored need based training module for field level officers and functionaries in Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh & Tamil Nadu. The key outcomes under the project are:

  • Climate proofed district development plans in the six districts (two each) in three states across India.
  • Enhanced capacity and knowledge to access climate finance and writing concept notes and proposals.
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