Climate Finance is critical for supporting South Asia’s efforts to address climate change and its impacts. The region is highly vulnerable to climate change, with a large population dependent on climate-sensitive sectors such as agriculture and fisheries. At the same time, South Asia is also one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, facing increasing energy demands and urbanisation, which further contribute to its carbon footprint.

CANSA and its members and partners are advocating for the delivery of billions to trillions of climate finance, a scaled-up replenishment of the Green Climate Fund, and an ambitious New Collective Finance Goal in context of 2.1 o C. This is alongside campaigns to support reform/transform IFIs for a climate-constrained world, and for new and innovative climate finance streams better adapted to NDCs and NAPs. In addition to advocating for increased financial support, CANSA recognises that South Asia will benefit from promoting regional cooperation and collaboration on climate finance, and its effort together with its country partners, include sharing best practices, pooling resources, and coordinating efforts to access climate finance more effectively.