Climate Change and Health Impacts

Fossil Fuels, Climate Change and Health

Climate change is the greatest health challenge of the 21st century. It threatens our air, food, water, shelter, and security – the basics on which human life depends. This is because -through its effects on air quality, food and water security – climate change induced heat waves, floods, storms, wildfires, infectious diseases, migration, conflict and mental health – both exacerbate existing health threats and create new ones.

Action on climate change provides one of our greatest health opportunities because many climate change solutions improve community environments and the public’s health and reduce health inequities. Everybody benefits from reducing air pollution, improving diets and encouraging a more active lifestyle and save millions of lives across the world every year.

In 2020, CANSA’s partners Healthy Energy Initiative India and Health Care Without Harm conducted one of the largest studies of the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Health Care Professionals on Climate Change in India. The report released in February 2021 found that while the awareness on the term climate change was high among the healthcare professionals – 93% of health professionals knew the basics of climate change is, however only about 55% of them actively raised awareness or participated in climate change related activities and events. One of the reasons for this was the lack of comprehensive and nuanced understanding on the subject and lack in clarity on health professionals and health sector’s roles in particular.

In response to the findings and the needs expressed by the healthcare professionals, a guidance document titled “No Vaccine for Climate Change – A Communication Guide on Climate and Health for the Healthcare Professionals in India” was published.

This document is designed to prepare healthcare workers for various conversations around climate change and health impacts with their patients, community and to prepare for media interviews, meetings with legislators or policymakers, as well as to create news articles or professional presentations.

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Webinar: Launch of ‘No Vaccine for Climate Change’ – Jun 15, 2021

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