Gender and Child Rights

Climate change disproportionately affects marginalized groups worldwide, including women, children, elders, and the differently-abled, exacerbating their vulnerabilities. Women, in particular, face compounded challenges due to societal roles and structural inequalities, which hinder their ability to cope with environmental impacts.

The intersection of gender and climate change reveals how structural inequalities intensify women’s vulnerability. Women often bear the brunt of climate-related disasters and resource scarcity, exacerbated by their roles in caregiving and agriculture, where access to resources and decision-making power is limited.

Recognizing these disparities, CANSA emphasizes integrating gender into climate change discussions. It advocates for acknowledging women not only as beneficiaries but also as pivotal contributors to sustainable development and effective climate action. This approach seeks to bridge the gender divide by empowering women to participate in decision-making processes and resilience-building efforts.

Addressing these challenges requires dismantling barriers that restrict women’s access to resources, knowledge, and leadership roles. By promoting gender equality within climate initiatives, CANSA aims to enhance adaptive capacities and reduce vulnerabilities among marginalized communities.

Integrating gender perspectives into climate strategies is essential for fostering inclusive and equitable solutions. By empowering women and recognizing their contributions, CANSA advocates for a transformative approach that ensures climate resilience and sustainable development for all.


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