03 Ways for a Cleaner and Greener Environment

By Senashia Ekanayake

A lot of us want to do something about the terrible state of the environment that we live in but truth be told, most of the time, we don’t really know where to start. There are little things we can do but sometimes the internet is not as helpful as we think it would be, because sometimes it doesn’t give us the answers that we are looking for! However at times there is that sense of dilapidation that gets to us where we start to wonder what we can do to actually make the world a better place.

Most of the time, we think that there isn’t a lot that we can do but truth be told there are a few things we can all do, be it in the capacity of an arm chair activist or a placard-holding tree hugger. Here are three methods we think that can you to start making this world a better place.

Spread Awareness

The word won’t get around unless you talk about it! Keep talking, keep tweeting and sharing those Facebook posts and more people will start to understand the importance of climate change and the environment, little by little. It might be slow progress at first but little things go a long way and this is a good place for you to start!

Do the Little Things 

Speaking of little things, focus on working on the little things. This could be something as small as turning off the lights in your room when leaving it or not turning on the air conditioning unless you really need it. It’s a small act of sacrifice and sensitivity that would help eliminate and cut back on many of the burning problems in the environment. No pun intended.

Stay up to Date 

Finally it comes down to staying up to date with what’s happening around you in the world of climate change. This means you need to do your reading, fair share of watching YouTube and news videos and reading up on new findings made available to the public. This would help you create the desired amount of awareness as well as encourage you to do the little things that would make the world a greener and cleaner place.