8th November 2021- ENERGY TRANSITION

Energy Transition – Defining Equity and Justice for communities

Energy transition is at the doorstep, but this is also a chance to create opportunities for all in terms of livelihoods and equitable energy access. The event will make an attempt to define equity and justice in Energy Transition for communities at the forefront.


  • Sanjay Vashist, CAN South Asia 
  • Chandra Bhushan, IFOREST
  • Nithi Nesadurai, CANSEA
  • Tasneem Essop, CAN International
  • Zareen Myles, INSEDA


Primary – System Transformation | Secondary – Just Transition

Contact Persons

Nakul Sharma  nakul@cansouthasia.net   +91-9716647408

Rushati Das  rushati@cansouthasia.net   +91-9874458868

Santosh Patnaik   santosh@cansouthasia.net   +91-8338988556

Click Here for the Recording of the Webinar