CANSA Knowledge Sharing Workshop 2013

Like every year CANSA will be organising its annual knowledge sharing workshop, and this year it will be held on the 22-23rd August, 2013 at Agra, India. During the two days there will be specific thematic discussions on issues identified by members. The objective is to bring forth the technical details of the issues and strategic interventions on the same. This workshop will also be a platform for the interactions of members who have been involved on the climate change issues at the South Asian level involving as well as those working at the grassroots, national and sub-regional policy level and also at the regional policymaking level.

This year we have identified specific themes to be on Agriculture—prioritising food security and strategies for meeting the future challenges, climate finance and challenges in South Asia, operationalising  Equity in the South Asian context, linking grassroots’ experience and working  towards  policy making, low carbon pathways for South Asia are some of the important sessions that are going to be discussed and future areas of interventions will be tried to be arrived at.

The sessions will build on the understanding of members and as group discussions on future strategies as a group.

We shall be periodically updating the progress in preparation through putting here the Agenda and the presentations of the respective sessions. For more information please contact