Civil Society Reactions to UN Climate Ambition Summit

20 September 2023: Several leaders made compelling statements at the UN Climate Ambition Summit today in New York. Leaders from Chile, Colombia and the Governor of California called out fossil fuels as the main cause of the climate crisis but some of the worst polluters- and among the richest countries – were conspicuous by their absence. […]

Asia-wide protests kick off historic climate marches
More than 20K join protests across Asia to end fossil fuels

650 mobilizations against fossil fuels are planned around the world,expected to draw millions between September 15-17 More than twenty thousand people took to the streets today in 10 Asian countries to demand a rapid, just and equitable end to fossil fuels. The Asian mobilizations kicked off historic climate marches happening around the world this week. […]

G20 leaders must set an ambitious climate agenda ahead of COP28: CANSA

Colombo/Dhaka/Islamabad/Kathmandu/ New Delhi, 6 September 2023: Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA), a network of 250 civil society organizations of 8 countries in South Asia has called upon G20 Leaders meeting in New Delhi, India on the 9-10 September to set an ambitious climate agenda ahead of the COP28 climate summit later this year and […]

Climate Change: A Himalayan Odyssey

Download Here The Himalayas are inherently vulnerable to heavy rains, flash floods, landslides, etc., as these are new mountains which are still growing and are seismically very active. Climate change has added another layer of vulnerability. It is acting as a force multiplier and making landslides, flash floods and cloudbursts more disastrous. The most widely […]

District Climate Resilience Plan Barwani

English Version Hindi Version Climate change is a cross-cutting theme that needs to be addressed through analysis of risks and opportunities it poses for all sectors. Policies, plans, and programmes need careful appraisal and modification to include climate change considerations. Though climate change is a global phenomenon, its impacts are manifested at the local level […]

District Climate Resilience Plan Khandwa

English Version PDF Hindi Version

District Climate Resilience Plan Damoh

Download Here India is a federation with extreme diversity across districts in natural resource endowments, poverty incidence, development gains and potential for growth. Accordingly, the role of district administration is to apply customised development models as per local context. Local government and decentralised planning are the avowed Indian mechanisms and strategy, respectively, as per 73rd […]

Civil Society Organisations and Health Professionals Crucial for Combating the Air Pollution and Climate Crisis

August 3, 2023, New Delhi: G20 leaders must recognize and actively support civil society organisations and health professionals for raising awareness, promoting sustainable practices and garnering public support for policies that promote climate action and reduce air pollution, was the conclusion and call to action at a C20 discussion organized by Climate Action Network South […]

Low-Carbon, Climate-Resilient Eco-Village Development in South Asia

Download Here This report is published in the framework of a civil society cooperation project titled “Next Generation Low Carbon, Climate Resilient Eco-Village Development in South Asia” in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. This report is a compilation of Eco-Village Development project solutions in order to achieve an improved standard of living for climate-vulnerable […]

Event Summary Report:
Sustainable and Resilient Communities – Kolkata Dialogue
Climate Change, Health & Disasters – Insights for the G20

By Divyanshi Yadav
The C20 India 2023 Working Group ‘Sustainable and Resilient Communities – Climate, Environment and Net Zero targets’ is one of the 14 official Engagement […]

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