IPCC Report issues final warning to end fossil fuel use to combat climate change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the Synthesis Report of the sixth assessment cycle and its summary for policymakers which warns of the urgent need for immediate action to combat climate change in vulnerable parts of the world, especially the South Asian region. It stresses the fact that the window […]

Gender and Child Inclusion in Policies on Climate Change in South Asia

Download Here Climate change is a natural process, but its exacerbation in recent decades due to anthropogenic activities has created severe problems and challenges. Though children and women contribute little to the causes of climate change, they are the ones hardest hit by it. Poor governance with respect to climate risks and lack of policies […]

Gender and Child Inclusion in Policies on climate Change in Southeast Asia

Download Here This report provides a situational analysis on climate action relating to women and children in Southeast Asia. Existing Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) climate policies, on a regional level, are generally gender-responsive, framed within a broader framework of sustainable development, with a positive trend towards gender-transformative action. While Nationally Determined Contributions amongst […]

Multilateral Climate Actions Workshop brings forth issues on gender and child rights

By Divyanshi Yadav
With a bated breath, I entered the huge meeting room of the beautiful Soaltee Hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal. The previous night, I had a nearly sleepless night, tossing and turning, with so many questions plaguing me about the workshop,…

11 Indian Parliamentarians endorse the call for a Fossil Fuel Non Proliferation Treaty

Echoing the Indian Government’s call for the global phaseout of all fossil fuels during the COP27 climate summit in Egypt, 11 Indian MPs from across political parties have endorsed the call to develop a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty…

An analysis on the funding arrangements for addressing Loss and Damage agreed at COP27

By Md. Shamshuddoha
The decision on the establishment of ‘new funding arrangements’ for responding to as well as addressing loss and damages is a significant achievement at COP 27…

HCN Briefing: A Just Energy Transition for a healthy fossil fuel free world

Download Here A just energy transition is increasingly viewed as important in confronting the energy and climate crises. The G7, along with middle-income partners including India, Indonesia, and South Africa, is looking to establish Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETPs) to support coal phase-out1. Just energy transition is also a core demand among those calling for […]

Now 10 Parliamentarians from Bangladesh endorse the call for a Fossil Fuel Free Future

29 September 2022, Dhaka: Ten Members of Parliament of Bangladesh yesterday endorsed the ‘Parliamentarians’ call for a fossil fuel free future’ to address the urgency of a swift and just transition away from fossil fuels and building democratic, renewable, safe energy systems for all people and communities in line with the goal of keeping global temperature rise […]

Launch of EVD solution repository

By Santosh Patnaik
Impacts of climate change on poor and vulnerable communities affect their life and livelihood in a decisive manner. With the limited resources and knowledge, the communities make an effort to reduce their vulnerability and to adjust with the mounting climate impacts. With the support of local institutions, local government, civil society and local solutions…

Vanuatu makes historic call for treaty to end the fossil fuel era

23rd September 2022 13:00 ET | 17:00 UTC NEW YORK CITY – Today, Vanuatu called on other nations to join them in establishing a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, a proposed international mechanism that aims to explicitly address the source of 86% of CO2 emissions that cause climate change: fossil fuels. The President of Vanuatu His […]

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