Promoting Green Resilient and Inclusive Cities in South Asia

Extreme weather events, such as coastal and inland flooding, heatwaves, droughts and wildfires, are increasing in frequency and magnitude, and gradual changes in sea levels and temperatures are projected to have (and are already having) adverse effects on city systems. Some systems are directly impacted by climate change events, for example, roads being flooded, whilst […]

Global Civil Society Strengthening Program

Background South Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate shocks. The region is living through a “new climate normal” in which intensifying heat waves, cyclones, droughts, and floods are testing the limits of government, businesses, and citizens to adapt. More than half of all South Asians, or 750 million people in the […]

Health Professionals call for Phase out of Fossil Fuels in South Asia to Avert the Twin Crisis of Air pollution and Climate change

7 September 2021, New Delhi/Dhaka/Islamabad/Kathmandu : Doctors and medical practitioners representing some of the largest associations and networks of public health professionals today called upon South Asian Governments to phase out fossil fuels – oil, gas and coal – to avert the twin crisis of air pollution and climate change. They also endorsed the Fossil […]

Climate Change and Health Impacts

Fossil Fuels, Climate Change and Health Climate change is the greatest health challenge of the 21st century. It threatens our air, food, water, shelter, and security – the basics on which human life depends. This is because -through its effects on air quality, food and water security – climate change induced heat waves, floods, storms, […]

Capacity Building of Indian Civil Society on Urban Poor & Climate Change

How villages, districts and states are preparing localised climate action plans. Migration to cities where per capita income is 148% more as per 2011-12 compared to rural India is one of the most attractive options. Besides cities also offer better education and health care services. As per the United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, […]

Climate Induced Displacement & Migration in South Asia

By 2050, more than 200 million people will be forced to flee their homes due to climate change. Climate change has contributed to melting ice sheets, rising sea levels, and desertification. It has led to more frequent and stronger weather-related extremes such as storms, floods, droughts, and wildfires. Threats to people’s lives, physical and mental […]