Climate Change Adaptation: Strategies and Recommendations Consultation with the Global Commission on Adaptation

Swayam Shikshan Prayog, in partnership with Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA), Huairou Commission and Sphere India is conducting a half-day consultation (2-5 pm) with the Global Commission on Adaptation (GCA) on 5th August in New Delhi. The Global Commission on Adaptation seeks to accelerate adaptation action and support, by elevating the political visibility of adaptation and focusing on concrete solutions. The Commission works to address major roadblocks to adaptation action, including the failure of governments and businesses to incorporate climate change risks into development plans and the lack of global leadership on adaptation.

The consultation aims to bring CSOs and grassroots organizations that have done pioneering work in the area of community resilience building and contributed by means of research studies, developed scalable resilience model based on community-led / community partnership approaches, capacity building, policy advocacy and demonstrated impact of their work in addressing climate risks.

The panellists include:

  • Ms Sheela Patel, Commissioner, Global Commission on Adaptation ( GCA)
  • Dr Vinod Sharma, Vice-Chairman, Sikkim State Disaster Management Authority (SSDMA)
  • Dr Appadurai Nambi, Director (Climate Resilience Practice) WRI – India
  • Mr Sanjay Vashist, Director, CANSA
  • Ms Suranjana Gupta, Advisor Community Resilience, Huairou Commission (HC)
  • Mr Vikrant Mahajan, CEO, SPHERE India

Download the concept note.