Enhancing Capacity of policymakers and practitioners in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal on Loss and Damage

South Asia is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts, including slow onset events. Though various stakeholders are engaged actively in adaptation work and its integration in the development policies, understanding on slow onset events causing loss & damage to various sectors is limited. In this context, the project is aimed at diagnosing the extent of the problem and developing approaches by linking existing work in relation to Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Loss and Damage (L&D).

The project aims to mobilise scientists, policymakers and practitioners  to comprehensively assess the impact of slow onset events and prepare a response. It aims to spread awareness about loss and damage and to sensitise, engage and build capacity of stakeholders particularly policy makers to develop appropriate solutions.  Back ground paper, a step forward to achieve the objectives, will be released by end of April 2015.

The project gets completed in April 2016. The partners of the project are Action Aid International and APAN.

Current Activities:

Preparation of backgroud paper on slow on-setting events is in progress in Nepal, Sri Lanka and India. Institutional mapping exercise is ongoing to identify relevant organisations who are dealing with slow onsetting events. The activities are aimed gaps in the policy framework vis-a-vis DRR, CCA and L&D and assessing institutional capacity to deal with emerging issues of loss and damage.

For more information please contact vositha@cansouthasia.net

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