How to effectively channel adaptation finance to those most vulnerable to climate change
UNFCCC side event in COP25, Madrid
6th December 2019
The side-event promoted solutions for effectively channelling international adaptation finance to local stakeholders and for ensuring that those most vulnerable benefit from international adaptation finance flows. Different stakeholders from civil society presented best practices and challenges for effectively channelling resources to communities most vulnerable to climate change. The AF NGO Network provide d recommendations on how to overcome existing barriers in the adaptation finance landscape.

Speakers: CSOs from Africa, Asia and Latin America representing the AF NGO Network, AF Secretariat Speakers:

Mr B. Suri Babu, NABARD participated in the event as a Speaker. He shared NABARD’s innovative approach of enhancing access to adaptation fund resources to local CSOs in India through 6 projects. He provided a comparative analysis of having one big project implemented by a government agency against 6 AF projects executed by different organisations.