Protecting local communities with a CDM Appeals Process

Parties decided in Cancun to discuss the establishment of procedures for considering appeals from stakeholders directly involved“ with #CDM activities. In #Bonn, parties moved forward with this agenda item.

For South Asian civil society, especially in India, the country with the second largest number of CDM projects, this could be useful. Local communities are often adversely affected by CDM projects, but have almost no voice under the CDM. While project developers are required to consult local communities, the guidelines are vague. This has resulted in consultations that are inadequate.

Unfortunately an industry-backed proposal that would limit appeals to project developers whose projects have been rejected is gaining ground. Luckily Bolivia, the EU and Norway are the voices of reason by pushing to expand the definition of stakeholders and allow appeals of approved projects. It is clear why emerging and developing economies like the industry-backed proposal; it improves investment conditions for developers, but this is at the expense of poor communities, who often are made to bear the negative impacts of CDM projects.

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