Unleashing Campaign in Favor of Fossil Fuels Non-Proliferation Treaty ( 2021-23) by South Asian Countries

The South Asia region is one of the fastest growing regions of the world in terms of energy consumption. With No South Asian economy (India, Bangladesh and Pakistan) being a major energy producing nation, Their current and forecasted dependence on international markets and domestic coal ( especially for power generation) to meet their energy requirements remains a major challenge. Therefore the project as part of the global movement to push for a complete ban on the use or extraction of fossil fuel  and shift to non- fossil fuel based energy source aims to shout out loud about the need for South Asian Countries  to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels (coal, oil & gas) by 2050 and ensure clean energy and energy security in the region.

Project Partners 

The Project is supported by Stand.earth


February to December 2021

Project Manager

Nakul Sharma, email : nakul@cansouthasia.net