ADP Draws to a Close with Hope for Formal Talks in June

By Vositha Wijeynayake  The UNFCCC intersession held in Bonn, of the Ad hoc Working Group on Durban Platform (ADP) came to a close the evening of 14 March 2014. A few things that were highlighted during the final plenary could be summed up as the start of Formal talks on UN Climate change deal to […]

Understanding Nationally Determined Contributions

By Vositha Wijeynayake  The first session of the last day of the ADP negotiations commenced with the consultation on Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). The Parties in this session attempted to define what constitutes NDCs, and how progress in relation to NDCs need to be addressed. NO to Double Counting Brazil in its intervention highlighted that […]

“Equity Needs to be Reflected in All Six Elements of the 2015 Agreement” – Dr. Jayathunga

By Vositha Wijeynayake  As the ADP 2.4 heads for closing, CANSA interviewed Dr. Jayanthunga, the chief negotiator for Sri Lanka on what issues he thinks attention need to be focussed. “This ADP session is far from what the Parties expected it to be. I think most of us came expecting to negotiate, though we are […]

Yeb Sano Speaks to CANSA on the 2015 Agreement

By Vositha Wijeynayake Yeb Sano’s name became known to many across the globe when in COP19 in Warsaw, when he declared that he would continue fasting till Parties of the UNFCCC are committed to a loss and damage mechanism. Following the devastation that ravaged the Philippines due to Typhoon Haiyan he raised his voice to […]

Negotiating Mitigation, Equity and Ambition

By Vositha Wijeynayake ADP moved into its 4th day of negotiations tabling equity and ambition. All Parties agreed that equity is an important element in the process, while developing countries expressed that they will need support for their mitigation and adaptation actions, with Bangladesh and China both highlighting support for developing countries shift to a […]

ADP Discussions Getting Intense

By Vositha Wijeynayake ADP stocktaking yesterday evening, (March 12) was one of the interesting sessions of negotiations in a while, thanks to the Co-Chair of the March session. During the stocktaking, Parties and co-chairs agreed to establish a contact group on Friday according to the agenda that they have been using and for both work streams. The […]

Negotiations Continue at the UNFCCC, as the ADP Moves to its 2nd Day

By Vositha Wijeynayake Negotiations continue at the UNFCCC, as the ADP Moves to its 2nd Day The negotiations of the ADP continued on Day Two with the Workshop on domestic preparations for intended nationally determined contributions. Speaking at the plenary, EU’s presentation focused very much on its own preparations and how it is trying to share […]

An Intense and Conference Filled Year Ahead for Climate Talks

By Vositha Wijeynayake This year’s UN climate change negotiations commenced in Bonn, with the first session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP)  on March 10,  2014. This marks the beginning of an intense year of conferences and summits designed to lead to a meaningful, universal agreement in […]

Civil Society Intervenes at COP Plenary

Thank you Co-Chairs I am speaking on behalf of Climate Action Network. The ADP has three crucial tasks this week. First: Ambition, ambition, ambition within finance and mitigation is key.  The focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency under Workstream 2 is a positive start. Combined together, these areas have potential to decrease 5 Gt […]

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