Sensitisation Visit with West Bengal Lawmakers and Government Officials to Sundarbans

By Divyanshi Yadav
Sundarbans means “beautiful forest” in Bengali, located at the mouth of the Ganga and Brahmaputra rivers between India and Bangladesh the area is true to its name.

Socio Environmental De-Risking Instruments for Solar Power in India

Download Here India has an ambitious target of achieving 100 GW of solar-based electricity generation capacity by 2022. However, technical, financial, and socio-environmental risks hinder large-scale investment in solar energy in India. In order to reduce or eliminate the actual risks and risk perception of investors, India needs investment de-risking of its solar energy sector. […]

Gender and Child Inclusion in Policies on Climate Change in South Asia

Download Here Climate change is a natural process, but its exacerbation in recent decades due to anthropogenic activities has created severe problems and challenges. Though children and women contribute little to the causes of climate change, they are the ones hardest hit by it. Poor governance with respect to climate risks and lack of policies […]

Gender and Child Inclusion in Policies on climate Change in Southeast Asia

Download Here This report provides a situational analysis on climate action relating to women and children in Southeast Asia. Existing Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) climate policies, on a regional level, are generally gender-responsive, framed within a broader framework of sustainable development, with a positive trend towards gender-transformative action. While Nationally Determined Contributions amongst […]

HCN Briefing: A Just Energy Transition for a healthy fossil fuel free world

Download Here A just energy transition is increasingly viewed as important in confronting the energy and climate crises. The G7, along with middle-income partners including India, Indonesia, and South Africa, is looking to establish Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETPs) to support coal phase-out1. Just energy transition is also a core demand among those calling for […]

Policy Brief – Enhance Climate Ambition and Global Stocktake with Local Sustainable Energy

Download Here A large number of local, sustainable energy solutions are important climate solutions. Including them fully in climate plans will make it easier to reach higher ambitions in climate mitigation and adaptation. It is also essential to include the local solutions when assessing progress in climate action with the Global Stocktake (GST), in order […]

An Equitable Phase Out of Fossil Fuels: A civil society equity review

By Divyanshi Yadav
The past 3 decades since the UNFCCC negotiations began, we have not tried to mitigate GHG emissions despite clear warnings. As a result the climate crisis is hitting the most vulnerable people in the Global South first and hardest…

Medical Experts come together to call for stringent measures to curb fossil fuel use for cleaner air and a means to mitigate climate change

By Divyanshi Yadav
On 7th September, the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies, an important webinar titled ‘Fossil Fuels, Air Pollution, Climate Change & Health: Resolving South Asia’s Air Pollution & Climate Crisis…

CARE-Gender Quality and NDCs

Download Here The Paris Agreement on Climate Change requires Parties to submit new or updated national climate action plans, the so-called Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) every five years. Five years after its adoption, many countries are now in the process of revising or updating their NDCs which should have been delivered in 2020. While climate […]

No Future for Fossil Fuels

Download Here The success of human societies depends intimately on the sustainable balance between the living components of natural and managed systems. This has raised the demand for the design of climate policy to promote sustainable consumption and production that will be influenced by how countries perceive climate induced uncertainties and policymakers prioritize national risk. […]

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