Climate Deal with 1.5 Degree Celsius and Institutional Mechanism for Loss and Damages a Must for Survival

Paris 4th December: Today in media centre of UNFCCC #ParisClimateConference, civil societies representing MVC (most vulnerable countries) and LDC (least developed countries) in a press conference said that Climate deal must be with 1.5 degree Celsius and with an institutional mechanism to address loss and damages. The press conference was moderated by Mr. Mrinal Kanti Tripura of BIPNetCCBD,  key note presentation paper was read out by Ms. Sharmind Neelormi of CSRL, other speakers of the press conference were Ms. Tettet Lauron from Ibon International of Philippines, Mr Shamsuddoha of CPRD and Mr. Mizanur Rahman Bijoy of NCCB. The press conference was jointly organized by BAPA, BIPNetCCBD, BCCJF, CCDF, CCDB, CDP, CSRL, EquityBD and  EFJB of Bangladesh participating in Paris Climate Conference.

On behalf of the group Mr. Sharmind Neelormi read out the position paper on demands, which are (i) an agreement must have to be legally binding, (ii) temperature limit must be set to 1.5 degree Celsius for survival, and  (iii) institutional or internal mechanism for loss and damage, especially there must be replacement of Cancun Agreement Article 14 f ie,  inclusion of issues related to climate induced migration, which is absent in draft agreement circulated so far in Paris.

Mr. Shamsuddoha reiterated position on Developed countries must fulfill their commitment on financing annually $ 100 billion from 2020, and there must be a road map on finance for the pre 2020 period too.  He explains that it is easily possible if developed countries reduce their arms and war budget.

Tettet Lauren said that developed countries must take historical responsibility for their carbon emission in past and plundering of resources through colonialism and new liberal policies at the moment; she further said that developed countries must have to pay the #ClimateDebt.

Mizanur Rahamn Bijoy of NCCB said that there must be inclusion of #ClimateMigration issue in the loss and damage discourse, most vulnerable countries should not agree with any deal without institutional mechanism for addressing #LossAndDamage.

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