Costs of Climate Inaction: Displacement and Distress Migration

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Climate change has deepened the severity and frequency of climate related hazards, pushing people to migrate at any cost, and subjecting them to the matter of humanitarian crisis. Migration has been a historic important feature of all communities across South Asia, but when migration is forced and migrants are asset less, they are often seen as ‘encroachers’ or ‘outsiders’.

COSTS OF CLIMATE INACTION: DISPLACEMENT AND DISTRESS MIGRATION” report delivers the issues intersect with displacement and distress migration, drawing from participatory research undertaken in five South Asian countries (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) as part of a joint project led by Climate Action Network South Asia

(in collaboration with its members) and ActionAid, funded by Bread For The World. The country-level research of CANSA in South Asian countries shows that climate change is either directly displacing people or accentuating hardship resulting in distress migration.

The main aim of Regional report is to provide support to South Asian nations in scaling up

Climate mitigation and adaptation efforts along with policy responses – Nationally, Regionally as well as Globally to secure humanitarian rights and social legal protection for the displaced people.