Eco-Village Development in South Asia as Community Based Adaptation Practices

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Addressing climate change and eradicating poverty are the most gruesome challenges of human development. Challenges emerge in the form of rising impacts of climate change and heightening consumption oriented of GHG emission while rural areas in South Asia remain unserved of basic life services. In order to tackle these multiple challenges, Eco-Village Development (EVD) concept brings in local solutions by using local resources and low-cost techniques. The EVD concepts are more relevant in the current era of implementing international agreements of 2015. Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Development Goals bear a strong interlinkage with development and climate agenda. The countries in South Asia are committed to putting in place diverse mechanisms to execute the agreements. There is a clear synergy between EVD solutions and SDGs which have been framed to create a better future for all. While practicing the nuances of sustainable development, the foundation to build a stronger, ambitious and equitable climate action can be laid. The relevance of EVD in reducing risk to climate-induced disasters and achieving SDGs necessitated advocacy at all levels. 5th Asia Pacific Adaptation Forum on Climate Change provides an ideal platform to spread the word on ecological solutions.