White Paper: Climate Mitigation and Adaptation with Eco-Village Development Solutions in South Asia

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This White Paper “Climate Mitigation and Adaptation with Eco-Village Development (EVD) Solutions in South Asia” analyses and presents climate-effects of EVD solutions, using existing cases from villages in South Asia. EVD combines village-level developmental planning with local sustainable solutions to give villagers climate-resilient supplies of energy, water, agricultural products, and other necessities and livelihood improvements, depending upon the choices of the villagers.

The authors select six high-impact EVD solutions and describe the importance of each in mitigation of climate change and adaptation to climate change. Improved cookstoves, household biogas plants, solar home systems, renewable energy mini- and micro-grids, solar drying, and organic farming (including composting) have been found to reduce greenhousegas (GHG) and particle emissions considerably while improving quality of life.

The analysis covers all substantial greenhouse emissions that the authors could identify and quantify, gases as well as particles of black carbon. Adaptation benefits are identified as well, but not quantified. The selected high-impact EVD solutions are analysed in the chapters 3-8. Chapter 9 presents examples of total village-level GHG-emission reductions.