India’s Triple Challenge: Growth, Development and Climate Change

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India’s goals for economic growth are ambitious; the Indian Government is aiming to achieve human development on a par with EU countries. There is also an intention to deliver ‘access to electricity for all’ in India during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first term in office. At the same time, India is a country that is already experiencing the destructive impact of climate change: devastating monsoon floods and coastal storm surges. So it is in the interests of India, its people and its economy, for a universal and fair agreement to be negotiated this December at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris, with a target of keeping global warming below 2oC (and preferably below 1.5oC).

In the context of the upcoming Paris climate negotiations at COP21, this report looks at how India’s seemingly conflicting aims can be reconciled, and how a fair global climate deal could be a catalyst for a rapid move towards sustainable development in India. We make the convincing case that moving to sustainable energy now could deliver India’s desired growth and development objectives.