17 Days, 10,000 letters to World Bank President & Board – The BIG SHIFT

17 Days

Its 17 days till the Annual Meetings with Finance Ministers & Central Bank Governors start at World Bank/IMF from 13-15 Oct in Washington DC to discuss pressing issues of development and economic growth. This is when the Big Shift campaign wants the World Bank to demonstrate it is serious about tackling climate change, that it will change its policies on energy investment urgently, move towards investing solely in renewables, and provide much greater support for energy access.

Campaign taskforce members’ latest research (releasing shortly – watch this space) indicates the World Bank has increased their fossil fuel support in 2016 while stating their commitment to Paris Agreement and SDGs as well as is lagging behind other MDBs on their own commitment to disclose their emissions.

Target till 12th October, 2017

10,000 public letters are delivered to World Bank board and management conveying the asks of Big Shift campaign. We will share the progress on this target every 4 days.

Take Action

The Board and President of the World Bank Group need to hear public opinion that complements civil society expert research and analysis on their energy finance and urgent need to make the shift to ensure we stay within 1.5C and meet SDGs. For that, you may:

  • Take action and send the letter that gets delivered to the email inbox of World Bank President Dr Jim Yong Kim and the Executive Director on its board representing your country
  • Share the campaign website https://bigshiftglobal.org/ and video with your networks of NGOs in the areas of sustainable energy, energy access, public health, marine ecology, forests, biodiversity, rivers, land rights, displacement, DRR, loss & damage, etc inviting them to join the campaign
  • Customise and share the press release with local media
  • Connect the Parliamentarians, legislators, mayors, ministers to lend their voice to the campaign
  • Tweet – @WorldBank go 100%RE by or before 2020 bigshiftglobal.org
  • Connect your followers and friends to Big Shift on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bigshiftglobal

Email Signature

Add this Big Shift email signature to your email address till 15 Oct for the World Bank Annual Meetings mobilisation –

Take the campaign action: www.bigshiftglobal.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bigshiftglobal