CANSA at the NAP Expo

Shifting from National Adaptation Programme for Action, many LDCs are in the process of developing National Adaptation Plan processes. A two-day workshop on this process, titled NAP Expo, was held on August 08-09, 2014, in Bonn, organised by the UNFCCC and the Least Developed Country Expert Group (LEG).

The objectives of this event were to:

  1. Serve as a platform for NAP teams, organisations, agencies and other stakeholders to exchange experience, lessons learned and ideas on the NAP process;
  2. Promote and mobilise action and support for the formulation and implementation of national adaptation plans;
  3. Share technical knowledge, including on methods, data and tools;
  4. Identify gaps and needs for effective implementation of NAP processes, to further inform the LEG and other bodies and organisations in their support and guidance to these processes.

Climate Action Network South Asia and Southern Voices attended this event as well as the LEG meeting on supplementary materials aligned with the NAP Technical Guidelines published in 2012. In this the supplementary material drafted for Southern Voices for Adaptation were presented, with comments and responses provided for questions posed by the LEG members.

CANSA and SV were also a panellist at the discussions on stakeholder involvement in the NAP process, one of the parallel sessions held on the August 08. In this panel the civil society representation was through the Southern Voices on Adaptation, for which CANSA plays the regional facilitator’s role for Asia. The Joint Principles on Adaptation was presented as a pilot initiative, in addition to the other supplementary material prepared by the SV project.

CANSA and Southern Voices was also part of the poster exhibition of the NAP Expo. Please find the poster exhibited over here.

All presentations  at the Expo.

[Pic courtesy NAP Expo Flickr profile]