Climate Migrants and Displaced Communities in South Asia

The Project on ‘Promoting protection and solidarity for climate migrants and displaced communities in South Asia’ works towards identifying inadequate mitigation and insufficient adaptation support that has pushed the world to the era of loss and damage. It is causing large scale displacement in developing countries who have little capacity to cope with the impacts. There is a huge policy and practice gap from local to global levels to ensure protection to the displaced communities. The project aims to make a strong case to add climate-induced migration, where South Asian civil society, therefore, play a critical role in addressing information gaps, developing solutions, strengthening South Asian solidarity and influencing policy, to address climate-induced migration in the region.

  • Solidarity for climate migrants among citizens and civil society is enhanced and collective actions are taken to address the impacts
  • National and regional policymakers take steps in formulating policies that strengthen resilience to climate impacts and ensure protection for those affected by climate-induced migration.
  • Discourse on global legal protection system includes specific issues of communities, particularly women, affected by climate-induced migration in South Asia

September 2018 to August 2020

Project Partners

CANSA, ActionAid International, Bread For The World. CPRD in Bangladesh, Li BIRD in Nepal, WOTR in India, SDPI in Pakistan and Janathakshan in Sri Lanka.

Project Manager

Rushati Das, Contact :