Drafting District Level Climate Action Plans for six districts of Madhya Pradesh

Effective policymaking plays a significant role in building resilience to climate change. District Climate Resilience Plans explore the points of convergence – climate concerns into district development plans in climate-sensitive sectors. It identifies policy gaps and provides practical, grounded and workable suggestion to improve the status- quo in priority sectors including agriculture, livestock, irrigation, renewable energy, health and nutrition, forest and land use.


– Provide steps towards achieving resilience of communities through convergence of all relevant policies, laws, schemes and planning tools while being flexible to the local context.

– Create a set of guiding principles that will enable development practitioners to effectively look at developmental activities at the district level in different primary sectors through climate lens.

Activities / Deliverables

Drafting of District Climate Resilience Plans of 6 districts (Barwani, Dindori, Damoh, Khandwa, Mandla and Shivpuri) 

Impact – Integrated Planning for climate-proofing development in the concerned districts, If implemented could improve coordination among government departments in delivering climate-resilient plan for the districts 

Duration – 1st October, 2020 to 31st December, 2022

Status – Completed

Funders – EFICOR, UNICEF India, Samarthan

Partners – EFICOR, UNICEF India, The Environmental Planning & Coordination Organisation (EPCO). Government of Madhya Pradesh

Countries – India

Events – Visit to Barwani and Khandwa DCRP dissemination workshop at Khandwa

CANSA team meeting Deputy Collector of Barwani, Ms Anshu Jawla
Meeting with villagers of Khandwa
Villagers gathered for Janpad Panchayat in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh.
CANSA team meeting villagers of Barwani
Banner of the Janpad Panchayat at Khandwa, for dissemination of the District Climate Resilience Plan (DCRP)