Fair Shares: A civil Society Equity Review of INDCs

Social movements, environmental and development NGOs, trade unions, faith and other civil society groups have assessed commitments made by 150 countries around the world. The findings have been published in a report titled “Fair Share:A Civil Society Equity Review of INDCs” ahead of the UN climate talks in Paris.

The report shows that there is still a big gap between what it will take to avoid catastrophic climate change, and what countries have put forward so far. The report asks for urgent and dramatic action to have any chance of stopping irreversible global warming.

The report calls for scaled up cooperation among countries, especially between developed and developing countries to close the ambitions gap. It emphasises on equity and fairness as vital components to unlock global cooperation and action to secure dignified lives for all in a climate-safe world.

Download the report’s Infographic.

Download Summary of the report.