Gender and Child Rights Inclusion in Climate Action

9th – 10th July 2023; Dhaka, Bangladesh

DAY 1: Sunday 9th July 2022
0930hWelcome and Participants introductions with an icebreaker.  Shai- CANSA
1000hContext setting Purpose of meetingParticipants’ Expectations Sharing agenda and expected outcome  Shai/ Rushati – CANSA
1030hPresentation of Study FindingsQ&A  Ruchi – CANSA
1100hTea Break 
1130hUnderstanding Gender  WLB
12:15Youth and Child Rights in Climate change  CRC
1400hPlenary Session Revisiting Draft Action Plans from Inception workshopReflection and addition, if any, based on research findings  Shai – CANSA
1430hBreak out groups Policy/ AdvocacyCapacity BuildingYouth participation and engagement   (List of activities under each area + stakeholders)   
1600hTea Break 
1630hReporting back from groups   
1700Days feedback and concluding remarks  Shai
DAY 2 – Monday 10 July 2023  
0930hRecap of Day 1   
1000hBreakout groups – 3 groups Placing/ matching identified activities with the project log frame. Each group can add/ delete activities based on their activity match/ mismatch status and provide reason for change.   (WORKING TEA BREAK)Facilitation Save the children
1200hReporting Back Discussions 
1400Developing a progressive 3 year plan of the finalised log frame activities (National level plans)Along with budget required to put plans into action / or mark each activity whether it is budgeted or can be non budgeted. For budgeted activities broadly mention the expected type of expense. 
1600hTea Break 
1630Reporting back 
1700Closing round reflections from participants Final comments from Save the children   
1730Closing remarks from Director CANSA 

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