Localising Climate Action through Innovative Solutions and Community Participation

Date: Saturday, 2nd December 2023, Dubai

Venue: Blue Zone, SE Room-2

Time: 16:45 hrs – 18:15 hrs

People and communities on the frontlines of climate change are often the most active and innovative in developing adaptation solutions. Yet, too often, they lack access to the resources and agency needed to implement them effectively. Locally Led Adaptation (LLA) can unlock, support and leverage the enormous potential and creativity of communities to develop and implement local climate actions. Strengthening the capacities of local stakeholders and communities can catalyze adaptation that is effective, equitable, and transparent.

In the backdrop of the above, this event will aim to showcase on-ground experiences on LLA from Asia, Africa, and Latin America through an interactive session that will have a combination of brief presentations, short power talks, and a panel discussion followed by an open house.