Next generation low carbon, climate resilient Eco-Village Development in South Asia

The Eco Village Development is a basket of local solutions on renewable energy, accompanied with community mobilization, involvement of women and children and appropriate training and capacity building bringing lasting changes in communities. The EVD solutions provide alternative income sources and strengthen agriculture-based livelihoods.The EVD model is being advocated as a viable option by the EVD project, implemented in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka with CSO partners and is funded by CISU, Denmark. CANSA serves as the regional partner in the project. EVD promotes climate action by reducing GHG emission and building adaptive capacity of vulnerable communities. 

Following five years of cooperation,  and  much  longer  individual  experiences, the project takes the Eco-Village Development concept to new  areas  and  on  new  levels for wider  implementation. The project seeks to maximize results in the intervention area by combining local activities with capacity building to involve more actors, and with advocacy to increase political support, nationally and internationally.  

The  overall  objective  of  the  intervention  is  to  achieve  improved  standard  of  living  of  climate vulnerable  rural  communities  in  South  Asia  by  integration  of  local  sustainable  solutions  that  contribute to climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience building.

CANSA’s role –

1. Document/conduct research on adaptation aspects of local solutions 

2. Prepare a regional report on adaptation co-benefits of local solutions. 

3. Lead in policy advocacy of EVD at regional and international level. 

4. Lead on preparing a regional report on Social Enterprise Models of EVD solutions in partner countries

Duration :

July 2020 –  June 2023

Project Partners :
Project Focal Point : 

Santosh Kumar Patnaik,

Repository of Local Climate Solutions

A repository of local solutions having both climate mitigation and adaptation co-benefits to communities is launched. The aim of the repository is to support climate policy advocacy with documented evidence and to inspire other actors to benefit by using the solutions locally. The repository includes close to 40+ solutions in the 6 main Categories from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. The main categories are: cooking, off grid power, heating and cooling, water supply, organic gardening and agriculture and village development planning tools.  The solutions are useful to communities of diverse socio economic, climatic realities and contribute to social development. The repository has diverse local level techniques with the detailed technical information on installation and maintenance. 

 The link for the repository is

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