YOUTH 4 COP – Preparing Future Leaders for Tomorrow, Today!
About the Program

We’re excited to announce an upcoming initiative in collaboration with The Climate Reality Project- India & South Asia branch and Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN) to empower youth for a sustainable future.

Empowering youth to engage in policy making and negotiations is imperative in today’s world. The Climate Reality Project India & South Asia is collaborating with partners who share a commitment to nurturing the next generation of climate leaders. Through “Youth 4 COP,” our aim is to equip young minds with essential skills and empower them to contribute to a better future for all. Today’s youth are the stewards of our planet, holding the key to effecting meaningful change.

Our program seeks to provide young participants with a deeper understanding of COP processes and deliberations. They will be trained to articulate their ideas, concerns, and solutions effectively, ensuring their voices are heard. Furthermore, they will learn how to navigate the complexities of the COP platform, preparing them to actively participate in future deliberations.

This pioneering initiative endeavours to cultivate leadership skills among youth participants encouraging them to ignite change through capacity building workshops, knowledge-sharing sessions, and networking opportunities.

Solutions to the Climate Crisis are within reach, but in order to capture them, we must take urgent action today across every level of society.” – Al Gore

Develop Negotiation & Leadership Skills
  • The training equips participants to understand climate negotiations better.
  • Foster leadership through expert lectures, workshops & simulating exercises for a more meaningful global impact.
Bridge the Gap between the Global North & South
  • Experience sharing & collaboration on Equity, Just Transition and on-ground climate action.
  • Learn and execute projects targeting climate solutions / challenges in diverse geographic regions.
Report COP Process on Diverse Media Platforms
  • Utilise media tools to engage with global youth.
  • Lead digital campaigns (blog posts, social media) to disseminate information on COP proceedings (day to day action, as it happens), as well as their implications and local scenarios.
Program Details

Registrations opening from: 20 June
Last date for Registration: 10 July
Eligibility: Age 18-30 years (Interest in climate action and advocacy)

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