Youth Demand Action ahead of the 18th SAARC Summit

South Asian people are more vulnerable because of severe impacts of Climate Change, Disaster and Food Security.

Bundle of declarations have been prepared at previous SAARC summits to fight climate change and natural disasters and to ensure food security, but proper implementation of commitment does not seem to be effective.

The street drama will be on the impacts of climate change in agriculture and food security. In addition to this the street drama will highlight the disaster scenario of the South Asian region. There have been many declarations on the SAARC Summit but implementation of commitments is lacking. The street drama will showcase the present day scenario. The plot would showcase the impact of climate change on agriculture and the natural disasters that result from it and affect the livelihoods of people. It will then go on to portray South Asia post-implementation of these commitments made at the SAARC Summit. Overall the drama resembles South Asia facing the impacts of climate change and how individuals handle those impacts. The next part will be followed depicting concerns of South Asian leaders to address climate induced problems.

Following the street drama the organisers put together a vigil and candle bearers standing in the shape of the South Asia region map. Within the map countries will present the data with regard to the loss of human life due to climate change induced disasters and other major disasters that affected the region in the recent past.

To ensure the implementation of the declarations, ahead of the next meeting of the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) a media stunt is being organised to pressurise SAARC leaders for the implementation of past agreements made by SAARC on attaining food security, tackling climate change and mitigating disasters in the region.

Nepalese Youth for Climate Action urges SAARC leaders to revisit the region’s past decisions on climate change; SAARC Action Plan on Climate Change, Dhaka Declaration on Climate Change and Thimpu Statement on Climate Change; Disasters – Agreement on Rapid Response to Natural Disaster and Comprehensive Framework on Disaster Management and Food Scarcity – Agreement on Establishing the SAARC Food Bank and Agreement on Establishing the SAARC Seed Bank and take actions to implement these decisions to the benefit of the people living in this region.