CANSA and DA to Strengthen Linkages to Combat Climate Change

[Orchha, Madhya Pradesh] – March 24, 2014 – Climate Action Network South Asia in partnership with Climate Action Network Europe and hosted by Development Alternatives together will conduct a four-day Summit entitled Strengthen Linkages between EU-South Asia Networks on Addressing Climate Impacts from March 24-27, 2014 in Orchha, India.

The Summit is devised to envisage two primary objectives. First to gather and share from the EU, a region that is a key player to focus on climate change action with its Annex1 countries and the need to commit in terms of ambitious mitigation targets. Furthermore, to encourage further support from the EU to developing countries’ adaptation efforts with its already committed climate finance for adaptation strategies of LDCs. It will further concentrate on projecting the voice of the marginalised and vulnerable.

“With varied expectations on effort sharing in the climate discourse between stakeholders from Europe and South Asia will ensure working together towards necessary mitigation and adaptation measures globally,” said CANSA Director Sanjay Vashist.

“It’s helpful to see adaptation in practice, as our work focus mainly on policy. We look forward to constructive discussion on finance, mitigation, equity and so on to develop an understanding and find common conversions to move forward at the international level as well as enhance our co-operation regionally,” CAN Europe Senior Policy Officer Ulriikka Aarnio.

“Co-operation between Europe and South Asia has existed since Rio and signing of the Convention. Climate Action Network has always taken interest in the strategies of developing countries and that is why they see CAN as an alliance of partners. This Summit will help strengthen these relationships,” said CANSA Co-Chair Amb. Shafqat Kakakhel.

The Summit will also advocate the requirement for sustainable development to improve capacity of Non-State Actors in decision-making processes related to climate change policies, promote partnership and facilitate interactions and exchanges between the stakeholders.

DA was founded in 1982 as a research and action organisation that designs and delivers eco-solutions for the poor and marginalised communities.

CANSA is a coalition of 112 civil society organisations from South Asia, demanding that all countries ratify the second commitment period of Kyoto protocol by 2015. CANSA strives actively towards the protection of the global climate in a manner that promotes equity and social justice between people, sustainable development and protection of the environment.


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