Civil Society Organisations and Health Professionals Crucial for Combating the Air Pollution and Climate Crisis

August 3, 2023, New Delhi: G20 leaders must recognize and actively support civil society organisations and health professionals for raising awareness, promoting sustainable practices and garnering public support for policies that promote climate action and reduce #AirPollution, was the conclusion and call to action at a #C20 discussion organized by Climate Action Network South Asia, […]

Low-Carbon, Climate-Resilient Eco-Village Development in South Asia

Download Here This report is published in the framework of a civil society cooperation project titled “Next Generation Low Carbon, Climate Resilient Eco-Village Development in South Asia” in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. This report is a compilation of Eco-Village Development project solutions in order to achieve an improved standard of living for climate-vulnerable […]

Event Summary Report:
Sustainable and Resilient Communities – Kolkata Dialogue
Climate Change, Health & Disasters – Insights for the G20

By Divyanshi Yadav
The C20 India 2023 Working Group ‘Sustainable and Resilient Communities – Climate, Environment and Net Zero targets’ is one of the 14 official Engagement […]

A Report on
“Combatting the Climate Crisis: An Opportunity for Health Sector and Civil Society Leadership”

By Purnima Joshi
The day-long seminar and high level policy C20 roundtable “Combatting the Climate Crisis: An Opportunity for Health Sector and Civil Society Leadership” held at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences on 24th April 2023 […]

Sensitisation Visit with West Bengal Lawmakers and Government Officials to Sundarbans

By Divyanshi Yadav
Sundarbans means “beautiful forest” in Bengali, located at the mouth of the Ganga and Brahmaputra rivers between India and Bangladesh the area is true to its name.

CANSA signs MOU for joint collaboration with Amrita University’s School for Sustainable Development and the UNESCO Chair on Experiential Learning for Sustainable Innovation & Development

Gangtok, April 30, 2023:  The two-day C20 SRC working group summit on “Sustainable and Resilient Communities Conclave” in Sikkim, from 29 to 30th of April 2023, concluded with a formal ceremony where Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (University’s) School for Sustainable Development and the UNESCO […]

Socio Environmental De-Risking Instruments for Solar Power in India

Download Here India has an ambitious target of achieving 100 GW of solar-based electricity generation capacity by 2022. However, technical, financial, and socio-environmental risks hinder large-scale investment in solar energy in India. In order to reduce or eliminate the actual risks and risk perception of investors, India needs investment de-risking of its solar energy sector. […]

G20 on Climate Change and Health Hazards

By Sanjay Vashist
Climate change is a critical global issue that has become a threat multiplier and intensifies disasters. The effects of climate change are numerous, and they range from extreme weather events such as heatwaves…

Major climate diplomacy breakthrough as UN unanimously adopts resolution for an advisory opinion on Climate Change

Today the UN General Assembly adopted by consensus a resolution seeking an advisory opinion on climate change and human rights from the International Court of Justice (ICJ). This is a milestone moment in a campaign launched over two years ago by the Pacific Island Students Fighting Climate Change (PISFCC), in a law school classroom in Vanuatu[…]

IPCC Report issues final warning to end fossil fuel use to combat climate change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the Synthesis Report of the sixth assessment cycle and its summary for policymakers which warns of the urgent need for immediate action to combat climate change in vulnerable parts of the world, especially the South Asian region. It stresses the fact that the window […]

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