An Equitable Phase Out of Fossil Fuels: A civil society equity review

By Divyanshi Yadav
The past 3 decades since the UNFCCC negotiations began, we have not tried to mitigate GHG emissions despite clear warnings. As a result the climate crisis is hitting the most vulnerable people in the Global South first and hardest…

Repository of Local Climate Solutions: Seeking inputs from members

By Santosh Patnaik
Developing countries are engaged in a balancing act of rapid development to eradicate poverty and energy deprivation together with ecosystem restoration while meeting mitigation and adaptation goals …

What does the IPCC Climate Change Mitigation Report 2022 (Working group III) mean for the South Asian region?

By Divyanshi Yadav
With every fraction of a degree of global warming, climate change impacts will intensify. In the latest instalment of the Inter-government Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report, released on…


In response to rising energy insecurity, CAN and REN21 call on governments to set measurable and legally binding renewable energy targets in line with science.  26 APRIL 2022: Today, Climate Action Network (CAN) and REN21 call on all governments to urgently set national targets on renewable energy that are legally binding and monitored by domestic and  […]

Nepalese transportation hub Itahari endorses the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

The Nepalese city commits to a phase-out of fossil fuels and a globally just energy transition. 3 February 2022, Kathmandu/New Delhi : Itahari, located in eastern Nepal, becomes the second city in South Asia to endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty today. Situated in the fertile plains of eastern Nepal, Itahari is a growing business hub and major […]

Climate Action in Kerala – Examples of Good Practices

Download Here Of all the states in the country, Kerala has to be particularly vigilant against the potential harmful impacts of climate change. Yet, there have been excellent initiatives, some of them were facilitated by NGOs like Thanal and some of them pushed with far-sight by public agencies like KSEBL, ANERT, Cochin International Airport and […]

Biggest ever global coalition for clean energy launched at Glasgow climate summit

A new high-level coalition for clean energy was announced today at the Glasgow climate summit, involving major governments, international organizations, legislators, business leaders, researchers and citizen groups […]

South Asia must sidestep lack of climate progress revealed in latest Production Gap Report

20 OCTOBER 2021 – A phase out of fossil fuels and accelerated uptake of renewable energy is critical to meet Paris goals and ensure both clean energy and energy security across South Asia […]

Addressing Climate Change Induced Displacement and Migration in Bangladesh

Download Here The impacts of climate change are causing a rise in displacement and, migration globally. This has become one of the key development challenges for countries particularly those vulnerable to climate change impacts. A staggering number of people are displaced or forced to migrate for survival due to climatic events such as drought, river […]

Climate migrants pushed to the brink

Download Here The world is facing an unprecedented climate emergency. Climate change is impacting the world’s poor adversely, destroying livelihoods and rendering them homeless. People are being displaced and are being forced to move out of their homes. This is the situation when average temperatures have already increased by 1.1°C in 2019, compared to preindustrial […]

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