Biggest ever global coalition for clean energy launched at Glasgow climate summit

A new high-level coalition for clean energy was announced today at the Glasgow climate summit, involving major governments, international organizations, legislators, business leaders, researchers and citizen groups […]

South Asia must sidestep lack of climate progress revealed in latest Production Gap Report

20 OCTOBER 2021 – A phase out of fossil fuels and accelerated uptake of renewable energy is critical to meet Paris goals and ensure both clean energy and energy security across South Asia […]

Roadmap to a framework for the protection of Climate Migrants

Download Here The world is a dangerous place at current levels of warming. Climate vulnerable communities, especially in the Global South, are suffering from these impacts and paying a heavy price through loss of their livelihoods and homes. Many among them become displaced and are forced to migrate, including across national borders. With the possibility […]

Addressing Climate Change Induced Displacement and Migration in Bangladesh

Download Here The impacts of climate change are causing a rise in displacement and, migration globally. This has become one of the key development challenges for countries particularly those vulnerable to climate change impacts. A staggering number of people are displaced or forced to migrate for survival due to climatic events such as drought, river […]

Climate migrants pushed to the brink

Download Here The world is facing an unprecedented climate emergency. Climate change is impacting the world’s poor adversely, destroying livelihoods and rendering them homeless. People are being displaced and are being forced to move out of their homes. This is the situation when average temperatures have already increased by 1.1°C in 2019, compared to preindustrial […]

Dhulikhel in Nepal is first city in Global South to endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

Kathmandu – The small town of Dhulikhel, located on the Eastern rim of Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, endorsed the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty today, becoming the first city in Global South and South Asia to do so […]

Invisible women:A gender analysis of climate-induced migration in South Asia

Download Here Climate change is disrupting traditional livelihoods, forcing millions of people worldwide to consider alternative options. These disruptions do not affect women and men, boys and girls equally. The options available to people are also not equal. While circular migration — within countries and regions — has long been a practice of livelihood security, […]

Managing Health and Mental Well being of Urban Poor to build climate resilient cities

By Divyanshi Yadav
In the webinar series organised by CANSA on ‘Building Climate Resilient Cities’, the fourth and last webinar on Health & Mental well-being of Urban Poor, was conducted on 23 September 2021…

Building climate-resilient cities through livelihood security for the urban poor

By Divyanshi Yadav
The webinar Climate Resilient Cities – Livelihood Security for self-employed unorganized sector workers, organised by CANSA on 16th September,is the third of four webinars touching upon….

Medical Experts come together to call for stringent measures to curb fossil fuel use for cleaner air and a means to mitigate climate change

By Divyanshi Yadav
On 7th September, the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies, an important webinar titled ‘Fossil Fuels, Air Pollution, Climate Change & Health: Resolving South Asia’s Air Pollution & Climate Crisis…

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