Defying Climate Change – Putting Children and Women First

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Defying Climate Change, a new report by Climate Action Network South Asia & UNICEF India introduces innovative and successful community based adaptation projects being led by NGO’s in India that are helping build climate resilience of the most vulnerable, especially children and women.

The nine community based adaptation projects and practices featured in ‘Defying Climate Change’ demonstrate the importance of locally appropriate solutions, community ownership and multi-stakeholder partnerships in building resilience of the most vulnerable communities and can be used as models to develop and promote children and women centered adaptation and disaster risk reduction best practices on a national scale.

‘Defying Climate Change’ is the theme of a partnership between UNICEF India’s Disaster Risk Reduction Section and Climate Action Network South Asia’s members Thanal, Oxfam India, Gorakhpur Environmental Action group and PHIA to assist policy makers and practitioners in Kerala, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh states of India to convert existing climate action plans into actionable work plans for relevant departments with focus on WASH, Nutrition and Education.