EU-INDIA Climate Cooperation Brief

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At their joint summit in May 2020, India and the EU agreed on the “EU-India Strategic Partnership: A Roadmap to 2025”. Climate change and clean energy, as well as the environment more broadly, are a distinct element within that roadmap. Both Parties committed to continue the Clean Energy and Climate Partnership established at the 2016 Summit. In the EU-India Leaders’ Meeting, 8 May 2021, both Parties agreed on a sustainable connectivity partnership, which includes a number of climate-relevant elements, and also highlighted the first “EU-India High-Level Dialogue on Climate Change” which took place a few weeks before.

The purpose of this policy brief is to assess the progress and state of implementation of the EU-India Clean Energy and Climate Partnership since its establishment in 2015, as well as providing recommendations from an EU-Indian civil society perspective. The EU and India have committed to continuing this partnership, which is a key element in their strategic partnership roadmap to 2025. The focus of this joint research by CAN South Asia and CAN Europe, with support from the European Climate Foundation, is on understanding the level of ambition and progress made since 2021, which requires deeper analysis of related information on activities undertaken by the partnership, as well as the perspectives of main stakeholders and civil society involved on both sides.