Module for climate-resilient integrated planning to enhance education for children in states of India

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This training manual has been developed by Peepal Foundation for trainers and trainees of the
government officials and CSOs to make them capable of formulating children- and women-responsive
DRR and climate-resilient policies and integrated planning. Peepal Foundation would like to recognize
the contributions of CANSA, THANAL, Oxfam India, and GEAG, and in particular Shailendra Yashwant,
Anoop Poonia, Santosh Patnaik, Pradeep Bharwad and Ajay Singh for their consistent and constructive
feedback and support for preparing this manual. We are grateful to NGOs Anthra, WOTR and Swayam
Shikshan Prayog in Pune for sharing their case studies. A special thank you to Dr Veena Joshi, Retd Senior
Advisor (Energy), Embassy ofSwitzerland, for her invaluable inputs while preparing this document. The
authors of various resource materials who were consulted for preparing the document also deserve