Paris Text Durable and Dynamic but Not Fully Fair And Responsive : CAN South Asia

Paris, France, Friday 12 December 2015 : Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA), a coalition of over 141 civil society groups from South Asia today termed the final text for Paris climate treaty as durable and dynamic for but has fallen short on being fully fair and responsive to future needs.

Sanjay Vashist, Director, Climate Action Network South Asia said :“If adopted by the 21st conference of parties today, all the countries in the world will have to agree to act together on #ClimateChange and all of them will have to make effort reflecting their common but differentiated responsibilities and capabilities to pursue efforts to limit temperature rise to 1.5C that the existing INDCs will not be able to achieve. The onus is now on developed countries to fulfil their promises and scale up climate finance flows to support mitigation and adaptation efforts, especially for most vulnerable countries.”

Rezaul Karim Chowdhary, Executive Director of Coastal Association for Social Transformation Trust (COAST) of Bangladesh said : “If the text is adopted as it is, the ‘Most Vulnerable Countries’ have lost their right to claim liabilities and compensation for ‘#LossAndDamage’. Countries like Bangladesh will not be able to seek assistance from richer nations and we will be left alone to face up to these disasters. Those who have polluted the planet most have gone scot free in this iteration of text.”

Vositha Wijenayake legal expert from Sri Lanka of CANSA said:“The #ParisAgreement provides the basis for a compliance mechanism which provides for the opportunity to address climate change. It also has ensured that the entry into force will be an effective one, with a two trigger entry into force system, which will ensure that there is increased effectiveness when the Agreement comes into effect .

Anoop Poonia, Climate Finance Expert of CANSA: “There is a disconnect between future requirements of vulnerable countries and what is agreed in the text as a ‘fixed amount per year’. The developed countries have put a time limit on their responsibility to lead in providing finance for a long-term problem they have caused. #AdaptationFinance needs have been short changed as the focus of the draft agreement still remains on #Mitigation.”

(Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA) is a coalition of 141 civil society organisations from 7 South Asian countries promoting equity and sustainable development in the design and development of an effective global strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure its implementation. For more information visit )

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