QoC-CANSA Fellowship 2023-2024

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The volume is a glimpse into the collaborative effort to tell stories of climate change and cities from countries across South Asia, a continuing exercise that brought environmentalists, researchers, architects, media persons and facilitators together in early 2023. Each story or essay here, published to wide acclaim over this year in the online journal ( is a part of the fellowship work which continues to be done and will be published through the next year.

Question of Cities (QoC) and Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA) collaborated to bring these stories to life, with funding from Misereor. The Fellowship call brought us proposals in hundreds from large and small cities across the region. The overwhelming response pointed to the sense of urgency about climate change and urban life. Since then, more than ten rigorously-researched, sensitively-reported and meticulously-edited essays have been published from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal. This is only half the work done; the QoC-CANSA Fellows continue their endeavour to bring stories to life.

The six essays in this volume are, at once, specific to the place and people in them but also resonate with the universal or macro concerns about how devastatingly and unequally climate change unfolds in cities. They range from making new cities in ecologically unsustainable ways to the need for green buildings, from the climate impact on the dengue outbreak in Dhaka to the slum dwellers of New Delhi suffering evictions in a super-hot summer, and how gender intersects with the climate crisis.