Shaping Stakeholders’ Opinion In India for An Equitable And Ambitious Global Climate Agreement In 2015

The Mobilisation project aims to engage a wide range of stakeholders in India to discuss and disseminate options for an equitable and ambitious global climate agreement in COP21. The technical papers and consultations at state and national level will take inputs from state governments, various sectoral ministries, think-tanks and CSOs to inform the positions by Government of India on key issues in UNFCCC process and its INDC.

Partners of this mobilisation initiative in various states include Alternative Futures, AADRR, Development Alternatives, PGVS, Vasudha Foundation and it is supported by Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany, Oxfam India, Christian Aid, CAN International, EFICOR and INECC.

The technical papers being written to take inputs from and inform these consultations are:

Role of RE & Low Carbon Development
Climate Finance
Equity & Differentiation
Food, Water & Energy Nexus
SDGs & Climate Change

Current Activities:

National Roundtable and Media Briefing on COP21 – 23rd and 24th November

For more information please contact Anoop.