Global Narratives Project: Indian Pilot to Develop and Test Climate Change Narratives and Engage New Audiences

The project trains national organisations in the skills for developing distinct narratives that can address different audiences, values and cultural identities. It will convert established testing  methods (such as interviews, […]

Evidence Based Advocacy For Eco-Village Development In South Asia

CANSA and INFORSE will be involved in Advocacy and Campaigning at district, state, national, and regional levels for the promotion of village-based low carbon, pro-poor climate solutions as part of […]

Taragram Yatra 2016

Taragram Yatra is an annual flagship event of Development Alternatives Group and is a journey of cross learning and knowledge sharing among development practitioners. It engages leading minds and creates […]

Renewable energy solutions for Punjab’s industrial sector: Evaluating the NAMA approach in Sialkot

Pakistan’s energy sector is in crisis. Inadequate electricity supplies cost the country US$14 bn annually and some 11,000 small and medium enterprises operate at just 60% of capacity. In 2015, […]

Royal Society for Protection of Nature

Inspiring personal responsibility and active involvement of people of Bhutan in conservation of the Kingdom’s environment since 1987 Two Days GPP Sensitization and Awareness Raising among Cottage, Small and Medium […]

Awareness for coastal women on Nurturing and Conservation of Marine Biodiversity

SEED (Society for Socio Economic and Ecological Development), organized a workshop on awareness about conserving and nurturing the marine biodiversity among the coastal women of Sundarban’s Jharkhali Island on 5th […]

Rising Sea Levels and Lack of Embankment Protection Rising Sea Level

Rising sea levels and river dynamics such as strong tidal surges put together are causing the breach of embankments, which leads to coastal flooding and destruction of lives and livelihood of the community. […]

New Science to Help Asian, African Societies Prepare for Extreme Weather

A new initiative will use state-of-the-art science to help Asian and African societies to understand the role of climate change in extreme weather events and prepare for future ones. The […]

After Paris – Pakistan has a Long Way to Go to Get from Intended to Implemented

The Paris Agreement created an ambitious mandate for the global community. Does it change the national conversation in Pakistan about action on climate change? If so, how? The Paris agreement […]

Initiatives For Economic Development Through Climate Adaptive, Toxin Free Agriculture

By Rumal Siriwardena Capacity building workshops for farmers of the Trincomalee district on climate change adaptation for agriculture, through the implementation of toxin free, organic farming and crop diversification was […]

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