Sri Lanka to Host Asia Pacific Adaptation Forum 2016

[Colombo, Sri Lanka] – October 14, 2014 – Climate change has become one of the key issues the world is facing today. Its adverse effects are felt strongly across regions, and addressing climate change is fast becoming one of the key priorities of many countries. In order to lead the way as a nation, and to contribute to the building of awareness on the issue, Sri Lankan government has expressed its interest to host the next Asia Pacific Adaptation Forum in 2016, which is one of the biggest events focusing on climate change in the Asia Pacific region.

Honourable Minister for Environment and Renewable Energy in Sri Lanka, Susil Premajayath in his speech at the 4th Asia Pacific Adaptation Forum hosted by Malaysia highlighted the need to address the issue of climate change.

“Climate change is one of the key issues that the world is facing today. While cutting down emissions is key to address this, adaptation should be part of the development process,” he said.

He explained key steps that Sri Lanka will take to engage actively in tackling climate change.

“By 2020, 20% of the energy supply in Sri Lanka will be from renewable energy, and the forest cover in Sri Lanka will be increased from 29% to 35%,” he added.

“Sri Lanka is a country which is very positive towards focusing on important global issues, and has a lot of  experience in organising international events. This makes Sri Lanka an ideal country to host the Asia Pacific Adaptation Forum in 2016” he said.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the Adaptation Forum 2014 in Malaysia, Professor Marambe, Chair of National Expert Committee on Adaptation said, “As Sri Lankans, we support the mitigation efforts of the global community while focusing on the great need to adapt. There is also need for technology transfer to address climate change in developing countries.”

“Sri Lanka is facing impacts of climate change, and we need to address them,” he said.

Over 500 climate change adaptation practitioners, public and private sector officials and top experts were present at the 4th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum 2014. With over 150 speakers and 30 sessions, the Forum is one of the key climate  events focusing on climate change adaptation in the region. A six member delegation comprising of policy makers, thematic experts and civil society actors and lead by Honorable Minister for Environment and Renewable Energy attended the event.