Strengthen the capacity of 3 state governments and CSOs in the states of Kerala, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh in building the resilience of women and children 

Develop training and capacity-building modules for state officials in Education, WASH, and Nutrition sectors, relevant to these sectors’ role in building the resilience of women and children

Climate Vulnerable India & Poverty Impacts on Children

India is highly vulnerable to climate change due to a variety of factors including high dependence on rain-fed agriculture, long coastline, and low adaptive capacity due to poverty. The impacts of climate change will reverse decades’ worth of human development gains and threaten the achievement of the poverty eradication goal. ‘Poverty is a violation of child rights and denies children the chance to survive and thrive. Ending it is one of the world’s most urgent tasks

State Action Plans on Climate Change (SAPCC)

Since 2009, 29 states in India have created SAPCCs, putting in motion a dynamic process involving tie-ups with multiple stakeholders, formation of new committees, cross-sectoral deliberations, workshops, and significantly, the marriage of new research and plans with existing policy programs. However, the SAPCCs submitted so far remain the vision documents at state level waiting to be integrated in the existing policy practice framework. SAPCCs, if implemented well, can build a resilient Indian society and address climate change drivers in India.

State Governments & CSOs Capacity Needs

Government officials’ understanding of and capacity to mobilise funds and implement child and women-centric disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and mitigation co-benefits activities in various social sectors needs to be strengthened.


Module for climate-resilient integrated planning to enhance education for children in states of India

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WASH Capacity-Building for State Water, Women & Child, Rural & Urban Development and Health Department Officials

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Manual for Climate Resilient Integrated Planning to Enhance Nutrition for children in states of India

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Climate Change and Gender Justice – COP28 talks empty rhetoric without means for Implementation

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Multilateral Climate Actions Workshop brings forth issues on gender and child rights

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