trialogue2047 is a series of intellectual encounters organised at the Development Alternatives Headquarters in New Delhi and to a wider audience through the Internet. It envisions a century of India as a nation. Its aim is to provide a forum that can engage a large audience in identifying the new directions that India must take and the measures needed to help accelerate the transition towards a sustainable tomorrow.

Economic, social, environmental and governance spheres are interconnected and overlapping while being independent.  Transitions in these spheres must occur concurrently to put India on the path of sustainable, resilient and inclusive development for all.  The Twelfth Five Year plan emphasises policy makers to adopt a development pathway that ensures faster, more inclusive and sustainable growth.  However, there is a need to identify certain points of leverage or means of implementation that will cohesively bind all the transitions and help overcome structural barriers such as systemic lock-ins and market failures etc.

Means of implementation are often described as an interdependent mix of financial resources, technology development and transfer, capacity‐building, trade, regional integration, as well as the creation of a national enabling environment.  Today’s discussion will hence focus on the urgent need to tackle three (technology, finance, and governance) of above-mentioned means of implementation of development policies.

Bearing the above in mind the fifth trialogue 2047: Means of Implementation is a conversation that seeks to address the following concerns:

  • Technology
    • What role can technology and technological innovations play in delivering the governments mandate of faster and sustainable growth?
    • How can technology help in enhancing accountability?
    • How can we enable the development of such technologies that are designed to permeate socio-economic barriers and reach the BoP?
  • Finance
    • How can we leverage major investments towards restoration of natural capital?
    • What innovative finance schemes (e.g. the clean technology equity finance in Europe) are being introduced to channelize investments towards sustainable development?
    • What role does finance play in directing consumption towards sustainability?
  • Institutions
    • How can local self-governance systems be successfully leveraged to ensure sustainable development is equitable?
    • What tools and mechanisms can be used to enhance social accountability?
    • How do we achieve a balance between bottom up planning where people’s needs are heard and top down planning where we have a unified vision of India’s growth and development?

Looking forward to your participation on the 19th of June, starting 6 PM onwards at the Development Alternatives World Headquarters.

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