Market-based Mechanisms: Kyoto or not?

In order to give the United States flexibility in meeting its emission reductions targets, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) was created in Kyoto. Under the CDM, developed countries support a project in a devloping country that reduces emissions for the developed country. Since the U.S. is (and was in Kyoto, as well) the world’s largest […]

A Hot Blast of Hot Air from Doha Delivers Fossils to Poland and Russia

The First Place Fossil is awarded to Poland. Back home in Poland, Environment Minister Korolec, revealed the country’s position on the Doha talks –  claiming the carryover of AAU credits is NOT a priority issue, but that the length of the second commitment period and the obligations contained in the Kyoto Protocol are. We should remind […]

Agenda to discuss on agenda at Bonn Climate Talk

Cancun set an excellent example how the outstanding leadership of a host country could effectively shape the discourse. With the Cancun Agreement as an output on the table, many issues need further discussion and more political willingness. As a follow-up for next year, discussion started from Bangkok on last April. Agenda became main agenda for […]

Turkey’s Love Affair with Coal is a Real Fossil

The First Place Fossil is awarded to Turkey. Although Turkey is the world’s fourth largest investor in coal, recording the largest relative increase in annual GHG emissions between 1990–2010 with Ankara declaring 2012 the year of coal, Turkey is asking for more funds in the climate negotiations. This is even though Ankara did not post […]

Civil Society Awards Fossil to Rich Countries who Shun Kyoto Commitment

The First Place Fossil is awarded to USA, Canada, Russia, Japan and New Zealand for running away from a legally binding, multilateral rules based regime.  To the USA seriously, get over your exceptionalism and agree to common accounting rules already.  Canada you are exceptional in ways we cannot communicate diplomatically during a fossil presentation, but it […]

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