’tis an ill wind that’s been blowing… and it needs to go away

By Purnima Joshi
Over 30 groups representing those impacted by coal, oil and gas exploration and production from the 4 states of India, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, on Monday joined […]

Is Climate Change Fueling Migration in Sri Lanka

English Edition Sinhala Edition Tamil Edition Climate change  in Sri Lanka may lead to higher temperatures, storm surges and increased rainfall variability. These in turn  impact agriculture and food security, water resources and human health. Extreme weather events and sea level rise  lead to coastal erosion and loss of land, threatening livelihoods and forcing migration. “Is Climate Change Fueling Migration in […]

SLYCAN Trust: Research Paper on NDC on Renewable Energy in Sri Lanka

Download Here Energy sector plays a key role in a country’s development. In a region like South Asia where development is key, the resources for energy is vital to be utilized in a sustainable manner, while the countries play a role in cooperation for technology and resource sharing. Many initiatives have been taken at the […]

Carbon Neutral Meenangadi – Assessment and Recommendations

Download Here The purpose of this project is to propose sector-wise adaptation and mitigation strategies to develop Meenangadi Panchayat of Wayanad district in Kerala as a ‘Carbon Neutral Panchayat’ by carrying out a carbon emission and sequestration analysis in the sectors of Transportation, Energy, Waste, Livestock and AFOLU (Agriculture, Forests and Other Land Use). The […]

Climate Change Victims Need Money to Survive, Not Words

By Harjeet Singh, Sven Harmeling and Julie-Anne Richards
The 65-year-old is not alone. Since Cyclone Aila hit the region in the year 2009, over 2,000 families have been displaced due to…

Climate Change Drowns Festive Celebrations

By Rushati Das
The rains in India usually end in August. However, in 2017 they continued and lasted till early October. The change in monsoons has dampened the festive mood and shaken the cultural aspects, costs of celebrations and adoption of unsustainable practices.

Rich Countries Must Provide Funds for Climate Change Victims

By Harjeet Singh, Sven Harmeling and Julie-Anne Richards
Harvey, Irma, Ophelia. This year’s devastating and record-breaking hurricane season reminds us that storms turbo-charged by human-caused climate change are not a distant future threat, but a reality faced by people around the world.

Initiating Gender Mainstreaming in Climate Change Processes in Sri Lanka

Women, who constitute the majority of the world’s poor, are subject to greater vulnerabilities and risks in the face of climate change impacts, mainly due to gender-based inequalities existing in society.

The Under Representation of South Asian Women in the Climate Change debate

By Anam Zeb and Farshad Usyan
There has been a shift in the way women are considered in climate change discussions. We are being urged to stop thinking of women as victims of climate change, but as a valuable resource, capable of contributing to local, national, regional and global efforts to counter climate change.

President Keen on Renewable Energy Options for Sri Lanka

By Zahrah Rizwan
Climate change is one of the key challenges that the world is facing today. Sri Lanka is already feeling its impacts. When discussing about climate change, mitigation becomes a key component, given that it is the primary form to reduce impacts of climate change.

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